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NBC Sept. 11, 2001 9:12 am - 9:54 am

Published September 11, 2001

News from NBC 4, Washington, D.C. was recorded by the Television Archive, a non-profit archive. Video available as a loan (stream) only.

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Date: 2001-09-11 13:12:51 UTC
Air Time: 2001-09-11 09:12:51 EDT
Length: 0:41:41

Producer NBC 4, Washington, D.C.
Production Company NBC 4, Washington, D.C.
Language English


Reviewer: Ana JoSeF - - February 28, 2008
Subject: السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
تغطية لاحداث غزوة منهاتن الحادى عشر من سبتمبر حداشر تسعة
من قناة ان بى سى

اللهم احفظ الشيخ اسامة بن لادن قاهر الأمريكان من كيد الأعداء

شبكة الإخلاص الإسلامية منتديات شبكة الحسبة

Paltalk: josef_1986



لا تسألونـي عن حياتـي
اللــهم انصــر سـيدنا وحبيبنا أسامة بن لادن وجنوده
Reviewer: NAU99 - - January 6, 2008
Subject: Coverage
Great job with coverage on NBC throughout this segment.

While I can't be certain, I'm somewhat confident that the wife of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve was not part of some grand conspiracy on 9/11. The number of people these conspiracy theorists have looped into the events of that day is overwhelming.

The vast majority of Americans are unaware of how Washington works. The truth is that very few secrets are kept as secrets in Washington once more than a handful of individuals are brought into the loop.

The fact is that America was aware for several years during the Clinton administration that Bin Laden was a critical threat to the United States yet no concerted effort was taken. I like Bill Clinton - I believe the man was a good President. The fact is that someone should have taken aggressive measures to take Bin Laden out before Bush 43 ever became President.

I wish these conspiracy theorists would find something else to hang their hats on - developing these theories on the hinges of such a tragic event is in the worst of tastes.
Reviewer: Epimanes - - August 15, 2007
Subject: Andrea Mitchell Greenspan First Names bin Laden
Of the people on NBC, it was Andrea Mitchell, the wife of Alan Greenspan, who first names Usama bin Laden as a possible suspect in the attacks.

00:10:25 David Gregory who was with the President said Bush was made aware on route to the event at the school.

00:19:10 Andrea Mitchell provides far more detail than anybody previously had regarding what has happened. She cites an unnamed "top US official",etc.

00:20:20 While Ms. Greenspan seeds the myth that UBL did it, we see a bright flash of light in the center, near the top of the hole in the North Tower.
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September 11 Television Archive
by Fox 5, Washington D.C.
September 11 Television Archive
by Fox 5, Washington D.C.
September 11 Television Archive
by Fox 5, Washington D.C.